Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Event Souvenirs!

Before we get to event images (and we have many)...let's recap the event goodies!

A Perfect Ten - Event Souvenir (LE200)

Tyler Wentworth Tenth Anniversary Album - Event Commmorative Edition with Slip Cover (LE175)

Tyler 10th Anniversary Rhinestone Pin
(LE 200)

It Was a Very Good Decade Centerpiece Doll


  1. The It Was A Very Good Decade Centerpiece doll is outstanding! I have a new Grail to search for ..:>

    Thank you for keeping the play going!

  2. The "Perfect Ten" is.. just perfect :-) I absolutely adore her dress...

  3. Oh my god, everything was so beautiful!! I wish I could have been there! Will I be there for the 20th anniversary? I just wonder... Kisses from a big fan from Brazil! Love U Tyler! Love U, Robert Tonner!